2 X Kershaw 1990 Brawler Folding SpeedSafe Knife

If you are really looking for a knife which is reliable, durable and also does not cost much Kershaw 1990 Brawler could be a great option for you. The high utility folding knife comes with SpeedSafe mechanism that definitely gives it an extra edge over other conventional knives available in the market. Moreover it also bears an attractive look at the same time. Therefore with Kershaw Brawler 1990 you get adequate value for money combined with a stylish look.

Specifications of 1990 Brawler

  • Blade length –  3 inch or 7.6 cm
  • Full length –      8 inch or 18 cm
  • Weight –            3.9  oz.
  • Material –          8Cr113MoV steel coated with black oxide

Kershaw 1990 Brawler features an advanced tanto blade, a form mostly found in rescue and tactical knives that are used to strike through hard materials. It is in fact a perfect shape for performing piercing tasks because you get enough material to brace the point. Thus the unique shape makes the weapon even more stronger and effective vis-à-vis the knives with conventional shape of blade.

2 X Kershaw 1990 Brawler Folding SpeedSafe KnifeYou will also find a grind on the top of the blade, and this is termed as “swedge.” It helps in narrowing the blade and adds to the cutting performance of the weapon. In addition to that, the straight belly also enhances the cutting capacity. It is a perfect knife for tasks requiring great strength and effort. It is very easy to sharpen as well.

Some users believe that “assisted open” knives (as Kershaw 1990 Brawler) do not work well and the assist spring is often found to be not effective enough to open up the blade in an efficient manner. Again the finger paddle is quite bulky and hence rather inconvenient to carry along especially inside the pocket. But thanks to Kershaw that it keeps its 1990 Brawler free from such blemishes.

The handle of the knife with the unique curve is also very comfortable and fits nicely inside the user’s hand. When the blade is in deployed state, the flipper acts as a finger protector and offers additional support as well as comfort to the fingers while using the knife. Moreover being very small and precise it never gets caught inside your pockets as happens with some other knives.

The knife comes with “SpeedSafe” mechanism for easy and single handed deployment. The user just needs to pull back the knife’s blade protrusion and the rest is taken care of by “SpeedSafe.” It deploys the blade with a quick and smart snap making it ready for the user. The blade also comes with DLC coating to offer non-reflectivity. To endow the knife with robust strength and lightness at the same time Kershaw builds its handle with a special kind of glass coated nylon.

Some consider the knife to be less efficient and argue that it lacks a jagged-edged blade which is characterized by sharp partial serrations and is highly effective in cutting items such as heavy ropes and the similar. But the truth is that despite the absence of a jagged edge the knife is extremely capable with its razor sharp blade and can at ease cut through strong twines and cords through a few jabs.

The Liner Lock system keeps the blade securely locked while the knife is in deployed state as well as when it is kept closed. The knife is made to Quad-carry (with tip-down and tip-up) which ensures that the users can safely attach it to their pocket through the pocket-clip without any fear of losing it accidentally.

Salient Features of 1990 Brawler at a glance2 X Kershaw 1990 Brawler Folding SpeedSafe Knife

  • Assisted opening with SpeedSafe mechanism
  • Attractive handle with glass coated nylon
  • Efficient liner lock
  • Convenient flipper
  • Comfortable thumb-stud
  • Useful pocket clip
  • Made in China

With all these features and qualities the knife is almost flawless on an overall basis. But if you still point a gun at my head and force me to come up with a drawback of the knife then I would say that the only downside of the knife (which is though almost negligible) seems to be in its pocket clip which is rather small in size and a bit stiff to operate. And hence it is a little difficult to use it singlehandedly and one must engage both the hands to operate it.

As a matter of fact every knife manufactured by Kershaw including the 1990 Brawler is marked with quality and craftsmanship which brings to the company the worldwide reputation which it can really boast of. Kershaw is indisputably a leading brand so far as knives and other utility tools are concerned. Moreover its products come with life time guarantee which means if any product is found to be defective from the manufacturing perspective it is repaired free of cost or even replaced if so required.

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