Benchmade Griptilian Review


Benchmade GriptilianBenchmade Griptilian is a classic designed knife capable of being folded within the case with a Sharp Knife point and gripping handle. It is light in weight and can be carried easily. It is well known worldwide for the excellence in quality. These knives are manufactured with intense care to provide the best comfort and mechanism among the other competitors. Known well for the quality steel used, it looks very stylish and safe. It is reliable for the mechanism and also when folded, it stays static within the mold which doesn’t aloof to move out. Comes in handy when required and could be wrapped within 4 fingers of a hand.

There are many varieties and styles that can help in choosing the right according to the purpose and the user. Most of the household knives are from Benchmade Griptilian as it has scored good name over the years. It is trustworthy and ensures that it works the best way. It is produced with high quality blades.

Benchmade Griptilian pros:

Its pocket friendly when it comes to budget and also fits with its size, it is well known for larger utility knife and is foldable which adds more positive votes for this Best Pocket knife. There is also mini-Griptilian that is smaller than the normal size, preferred by many.

There are many versions that bring a lot of comfort to the user; one which sells the most would include the thumb-hole version, which has a hole in the gripping part in sheep foot blade or a drop point blade. The blades are made with premium stainless steel. All these knives are known to have a stout tip. Extremely sharp, which demands to handle with great care, if missed might hurt the user. The stout tip is designed so, to ease the act of piercing. Very light in weight and the handle is made of durable material. The handle is made of Valox; it is a type of plastic resin, which is durable and very light in weight.

It looks extremely stylish which adds attitude to the person holding it. It’s totally different from the other knives. When it is pressed to the handle, it auto-locks and doesn’t come out, it stays static within the handle until manually pulled out by the user. This is much important to a folding type knife, this kind of lock is called as Axis lock.

Benchmade Griptilian cons:

Few types of Benchmade Griptilian is known to look and feel bulky than the threshold fixed, it is also known to make hollow sound; this hollow sound is corrected in the mini version. As day’s move on, the grip might wear-out over time and few are poorly designed. Few types are also costlier than the expected rate, few types are very slender and thin which refrains from handling pressure to cut something very thick, it might lead to the blade’s reshaping such that it would fit in the mold cover anymore. There are various reviews available with the comparison on the various types, the list can be reviewed before purchasing.

Why Benchmade Griptilian?

As the name says, it is well known for its grip. All the versions are manufactured with excellent care and are worth the amount spent. It is durable and is known to work well for years. The handle is made of polymer grips which facilitates tight texture. The axis locking system is designed to be ambidextrous as it would facilitate even the left-handed to Use It Easily. It has a pocket clip which helps in mounting the knife. It is marked for its well known quality that keeps aside cheaper ones. It is well-built, strong and sharp. Premium steel is used and there are various options, colors and configurations pick from. It is one such top-notch knife and is totally reliable for its name.

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The best knife which is very handy and can be carried around in a handbag or even fits a purse easily. For those who work late night and have security threats around, this Benchmade Griptilian is an apt choice. Light in weight and has options to mount it easily in a cupboard or adhesive hooks. The handle is made of good plastic, there is great designs available to pick from and is worth the money. There are various positive reviews and most are 5 star rating from the customers who bought this knife worldwide.

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