Case Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small Stockman

Pocket knives are very useful tools, mainly used by craftsmen, campers, outdoorsmen and many other people. They are small and highly useful and thus are quite a popular equipment to be kept in possession at all times. Before going into the depth of the Case Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small Stockman, let’s go through the basic uses of a pocket knife. They are mainly used to:

  • Open boxes, packages letters, etc.
    It is one of the handiest instruments when it comes to cutting open duct tapes and letters. When a package gets delivered, the main problem is in the opening. Most courier packages are packed quite tightly with layers of duct tapes and plastic wrappings. Opening them by hand is quite tiring. Having a pocket knife makes it a lot easier.
  • Camp
    Case Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small StockmanThe main use of pocket knives are in camping. For every camping trip, one should always carry a pocket knife. Be it shaving, or roasting food on the fire, or cutting ropes and or fruits or vegetables, pocket knives are the best. The variety of blades in pocket knives helps in a number of different situations. Some even have tweezers in them, which can be used to pull off ticks or to pull out anything that has cut its way into the skin.
  • Fish
    Pocket knives are a must for fishermen. They need it not only to remove and install hooks on the fish, but also to cut lines when necessary. The best companion for a fisherman is a cold bottle of beer, which he can sip while waiting for the fish to bite the bait. In the absence of a regular bottle opener, a pocket knife does the trick.
  • First Aid
    First Aid is very important. In case of accidents, instantly applying some basic First Aid procedures is very important. A pocket knife plays an important function in that. They can be used to pry out splinters, or cut open clothes clung to the skin, and also to cut bandages.

From these, one can easily understand how important it is to carry a pocket knife. The Case Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small Stockman is one of the best and the most stylish looking pocket knives available in the market.

Product Specifications

  • Part no.: CA10276
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2 in x 1.7 in x 0.7 in
  • Model no: 10276
  • Style: Small Stockman
  • Material: Blue Lagoon Bone
  • Folded length of Knife:625 in
  • of blades: 3
  • Types of Blades: Spey, Sheepfoot and Clip
  • Made in USA (handcrafted)

This is one of the most stylish knives available in the market, with its beautiful, eye soothing blue hue and Rogers Jigging. They are quite small in size and easy to carry. The handle is made of pure blue lagoon bone, which has carvings of a Case Bowtie Shield and Nickel Silver Bolsters. The quality of blades is the best. They are made up of the steel surgical blades having Tru Sharp properties which make the blade highly corrosion resistant.

Material used: Bone

Bone handles are among the most popular types of handles and have been used for centuries. Moreover, it is the most commonly used material at present to make traditional pocket knives. The bones are collected from animals that have naturally passed away, be it elephants or giraffes or rhinos. Though these are the best quality, the most abundant and regularly used material is bones from the cow. Only bones are not used, sometimes similar materials like antlers from deer, horns from sheep, cow and buffaloes, and also the tusks of elephants or walruses are used.

There are many who prefer bone handles for their pocket knives as they are the traditional material used. Moreover, bones can be easily dyed to obtain any bright color. In the case of this particular knife, the bone has a bright blue hue, which gives it a soothing and elegant look.


  • Quite cheap
  • Can be dyed and carved easily
  • Traditional value

More about the Pocket KnifeCase Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small Stockman

This knife is called the Stockman knife. Sometimes these types of knives are also referred to as Stock Knives. The basic shape of the knife is like a snake and has two ends. Usually, Stockman Knives have two springs and three blades. However, there are also special kinds of such knives which have more, i.e., 4-5 blades. These are mainly purchased by collectors. This particular type was introduced way back in the year 1890. The main motive of inventing this particular type was to give the customers a new flavor in the style of pocket knives. These are relatively less bulky, had a fancy and elegant design, and could be carried around easily.

Pertaining to tradition, the Case Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small Stockman has square ends. Each specific blade has special functions:

  • Clip Point Blade: It is the longest blade and is the best one to cut meat, dress small kills, clean fish and peel fruits.
  • Sheepfoot blade: Used for cutting jobs like sawing through ropes or opening boxes.
  • Spey Blade: This can easily cut through fish and soft meat.

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