Case Cutlery 178 Case Small Stockman Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades

Case and Sons Cutlery Company is America’s largest producer of fine, handcrafted knives who has mastered in this field from a century ago. The centers of this company are in Bradford and Pennsylvania now, bearing skilled artists who create these knives in perfect architecture and strength. These knives are not only the favorites of sportsmen, but also chosen by knife enthusiasts.

The variation extends from hunter’s pocket knife to V-42 Stiletto carried by the US soldiers in World War II. These were also carried by astronauts in Gemini and Apollo missions in whom the type of knife was M1. The Case knives have been with the civilization for a century now and have witnessed many new products entering the markets. But as Gold is never old, the case cutlery knives reign in the economy for generations.

This case 178 small Stockman’s pocket knives, is quite cheap and provide great utility with its good grip handles. The handles are made of genuine stag antlers which gives a rich look. On the top its golden color which is attained from burnishing in flame gives a traditional and appealing look. The Sheep foot and Pen blades with Tru-sharp steel clips gives a decent look to the knife. This case is made in USA with limited lifetime guarantee.

The Product Details are:

Manufacturer: Case Cutlery

Item Model Number: 00178

Product Dimensions: 4.5*0.8*0.4 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces

ASIN: B001DRP960

The Features of this item are:

  1. Traditional handle- The handle is made from the rare antlers of stag which has become almost extinct. Besides there is a final finish of gold which is naturally created from the burnished flame thus adding to the beauty.
  2. Steel Blades- The steel blades give more sharpness and shine compared to other metals. The type is Tru-Sharp surgical which adds to the utility of the knife.
  3. Clip- The clip which attaches the blade to the handle must be strong enough to resist the pressure on the blade thus increasing the durability. The Sheep foot and Pen blades attaches well to the handle.
  4. Weight- 1.2 oz.
  5. Length- 25/8”

Case Cutlery 178 Case Small Stockman Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades, Small, offers certain offers for these items to be sold such as a reduction of $10 when a person purchases Utility products, safety products, storage and home organization requirements for $50.

These knives are bought for different household utilities or to be used in shops and restaurants. These can’t be used for cutting flesh but are very useful from cutting of fruits and vegetables to cutting pizzas to self-protection. As the product is very handy, it can be easily carried in trouser pockets or slacks and not be evident.  This is better compared to bulkier knives which are neither handy nor can they make themselves unnoticed. It is also of great style and people keep it for classy outlook.

The other Varieties of Knives:

  1. Case cutlery 31736 has an antique bone handle with a saw cut rough look. It is almost the same size and weight as that of case 178.
  2. Case Cutlery 042 case medium Stockman pocket knife with amber bone handle and stainless steel blades.
  3. Case Cutlery 5968 Case Tiny Trapper Pocket Knife weighs only one ounce and has two stainless steel blades. This is a miniature version of a knife with good grip and sharp rust-resistant blades.
  4. Case Cutlery 128 case Stockman pocket knife with amber bone handle and Tru Sharp surgical clip has a weight around 3 oz. and 38” .
  5. Case cutlery 7049 has navy blue shades in handle which gives it a unique look.
  6. Case Cutlery 5532 case Small Texas Toothpick Pocket Knife has a handle of stag antler but its size is only 3”.
  7. Case Cutlery 9318 has Pearl handles.
  8. United Cutlery UC1338 Pocket Knife Storage Case has the capacity to hold 40 knives.
  9. Case cutlery 7008 case medium Stockman pocket knife weighs 2.5oz and size is 35/8”. But the drawback is its chance of rusting and hence a film of oil coating is required to keep it intact.

These different Case Cutlery Knives are for various purpose users and are bought along with each other because of the same offers available for them at the Some of these knives are distinctive in color shades and some in sizes. However the Case Cutlery 178 Case small Stockman Pocket Knife is different because of its rich traditional outlook and stainless steel blades which are rust resistant.  It remains scarcely in stocks so if one desires it; he has to add it on the wish-list.

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