Chris Reeve Sebenza Review

The Chris Reeve Sebenza is the benchmark of the latest folding knife. This knife was launched in 1990. The main feature of this knife is Reeve Integral Lock which is an evolution of the Walker Linerlock. It is a man-sized EDC knife with hand-made refinement and top-grade materials.

DESIGN of Chris Reeve Sebenza

Chris Reeve SebenzaThe construction of Chris Reeve Sebenza is simplicity itself: one spacer, one pocket clip, washers, blade stop and bushing, some pins and screws, a pivoting blade with a thumb stud, and two frame halves. The design of this knife comes not only from complexity, but also from the precision of its execution and the quality of its materials. The entire design of this knife is characterized by exquisite. In general term, we can say that it is simply perfect for any user.

General Dimensions

The weight of Chris Reeve Sebenza is 4.7 oz. The overall length of this knife is 8.335″. The spec sheet of this amazing knife is a short list of the strongest metals. The pocket clip, thumb stud and frame halves are worked from 6A14V titanium, the blade is ground from 0.125″ S30V stainless, and the fittings are made of 303 stainless.   As the name suggest, it is a folding knife and better than classics knives such as the Spyderco Paramilitary 2, Benchmade Griptilian, and Strider SnG.

Blade Details

The shape of blade is a classic drop point. The knife is ground thinly and the tip of the blade is amazing. The knife has an amazing shape for EDC. Overall, it has been provided a good tumbled finish, which hides well and looks very nice.

Pocket Clip, Ergonomics, and Handle

The pocket clip is one of the best features of Chris Reeve Sebenza. This knife is slim, and pocket friendly. The Sebenza’s Handle construction is very simple. In order to break the handle up in the hand, all edges of this knife have been contoured. You can easily carry in your hand, whether you’re breaking down multiple-ply cardboard, shaving paper-thin tomato slices for your sandwich, or whittling fire sticks. You can open the blade smoothly and easily. With the use of your right thumb, titanium lock bar can be easily opened.

Specifications :

  • Type: Frame-lock folding knife
  • Weight: 4.7 oz.
  • Blade: 3.625″ clip-point
  • Overall Length: 8.3″ open, 4.8″ closed
  • Frame: 6A14V titanium
  • Carry: right side, tip-up pocket clip
  • Steel: CPM S30V
  • HRC: 58-59

Pros of Chris Reeve Sebenza :

  • Handle Feel is Premium.
  • Blade Material
  • Ease of Use Lock
  • Light Weight
  • Pocket Clip
  • Great Quality
  • Ease of Opening
  • Great Handle Material

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Conclusion :

We have reviewed various knives, and the Chris Reeve Sebenza blows away every one of them. It is one of the best knives in every category.  It is tougher and sharper than any Best Pocket Knife. The manufacturing standards and the utility value of this knife are good and are constantly updated. If you would like to get one EDC knife, Chris Reeve Sebenza will be perfect for you!!

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