Kershaw 1830 OSO Sweet Knife with Stainless-steel Blade and Nylon Handle

Buying a perfect knife can be really tricky, knives are used for a lot of purposes be it for domestic use or be it a work knife. We are dependent on our knives to a great extent and the knife should fit perfectly in our hands; no one likes a bulky device. Kershaw has a huge range of well-designed and ergonomically crafted knives for all purposes and these are bound to grab your attention. One great inclusion to their plethora of knives is the model named Oso sweet.

About the Product

The knife is engineered to handle tough use and the all–purpose knife handles every cutting operation with ease. It has a Sandvik 14C28N blade made of stainless steel which guarantees increased hardness and is anti-corrosive. It is also resistant to wear and tear.

Its handle is manufactured with contoured polyimide; it is a special kind of polymer used in engineering which blends both mechanical strength and heat stability. Oso Sweet projects a classy look and stylish design and it has a slight twist as well. Black colored variety of glass filled nylon which has undergone injection molding is used in the handle. It sports a scale like pattern which is very appealing.

The blade is made with AUS6A model of stainless steel which offers sturdiness and retention of edges. Oso Sweet is marked with a Speed Safe patent; it eases the manual operation and helps in easy opening and closing. For those who love a knife which both looks good fits the budget, Oso Sweet is the right choice.

Product Specifications

Length: 4 3 inches x 8 inches
Length: of the blade: 3.5 inches
Handle: Nylon material
Weight: 119 grams

Highlights of the featuresKershaw 1830 OSO Sweet Knife with Stainless-steel Blade and Nylon Handle with Speedsafe

  • The handle of Oso sweet has a characteristic “scales” like pattern.
  • It has SpeedSafe and the knife is manufactured using stainless –steel of superior quality, to add to the firmness and ability to retain edges.
  • A Glass-filled variety of black nylon which is injection-molded constitutes the handle.
  • The knife has easy handling as it can be opened and closed, aided by manual assistance.

More about the product

Kershaw’s OSO Sweet model edges past its competitors from Syderco, byrd etc. Mostly those models had a kind of EDC folder; they had certain demerits so Kershaw’s product becomes the primary choice. According to some users who have used the product, there have been no complaints whatsoever. The knife has no major flaws, it boasts of accurate length of the blade, superb shape and the sharpness which stays.

Final Verdict

The cost of the knife is its main advantage as it is way better than the knives which are costlier than it, but the knife is not recommended for outdoor operations. The device is priced at $25.95, though it can be obtained at lower prices. So for those looking for that perfect knife to fit all purposes, Kershaw’s 1830 OSO Sweet is all you are looking for. It may not have everything you need, but it’s worth giving a try.

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