Kershaw Cryo Knife

Kershaw is a company based in Oregon, which has a reputation of giving products of superb quality at a fair price. Recently Kershaw added a new product in their section of economical folding knives – Kershaw Cryo. Designed by Rick Hinderer, the Cryo model also didn’t fail to impress. Kershaw is making a strong foothold in the knife manufacturing market. A wide variety of items are available, there are folders, fixed blades, tactical knives and knives for domestic use.

The product was chosen as the Best Buy in the year of 2012, as per Blade Magazine, since then there has been mixed are reviews about it from the users. At first viewing, the Cryo looks pretty awesome and it’s cool. The cost of the product is below $40, so what are the special features and how did it perform compared to the knives in this category. Let’s find out.

The First Impressions

If we notice the main specifications, Cryo can be considered as a low cost knife, but low costs are generally synonymous to poor quality, but it’s just not the case here. Some good quality knives are available in the market at relatively low prices. Spyderco tenacious is one such example, its price is almost at the range of the Cryo, the later can be used for multiple purposes and is particularly helpful for camping as well as in homes.

About the Product

The blade features a mechanism of framelock, using the interior made up of stainless steel. The blade is solid enough for handling resistance and it is well centered as well. In the Cryo, we find a deployment which is assisted by a system of springs. It eases up the motion and makes the process friction fee.Kershaw Cryo Knife

Yes, the Cryo opens fast and is sleek to handle. The company made a good decision to attach a flipper like arm on its back and it has thumb studs embedded over the blade. The flipper works absolutely fine, but handling those thumb studs can be a little difficult. Some may even argue that, they were needed and it’s a waste of a feature.

As sturdy as they come, the handle of Cryo has stainless steel coated with titanium-carbonitride. It can be used in most applications, and there will be no issue at all, but it’s not perfectly suitable during rains. But in its defense, the blade’s upper part and the handle’s lower part has jumping, which helps a lot.

Considering that it is a knife which is in the lower price range, the design of the knife impresses a lot. In the other budget models by Kershaw, nylon which is reinforced by black fiber is usually found, but that is different in Cryo. It follows a somewhat open design, which means water and other liquids will have a fee course along the body, which can be helpful while cleaning the knife.

It is a very handy knife and easily fits in the palm, perfect for daily activities. It has a special pocket clip, with orientation on both sides easy to carry.

Comparing Cryo with other knives

While reviewing the knife, the Cryo was compared with the tenacious. Firstly both were manufactured in China, Kershaw’s Cryo is noticeably smaller than tenacious but its weight was more. Cryo has a weight around 4.2 ounces whereas Tenacious weighed 4.0. The length of Cryo is 6.5 inches, while the tenacious was around 8 inches. Both these products used 8Cr13MoV variety of stainless steel, but Cryo’s blade length is 2.75 inches and that of Tenacious being a little less than 3.4 inches.

When it’s closed, the measurement of Cryo is 3.75 inches, which is much shortKershaw Cryo Knife when kept aside Tenacious which is 4.5 inches. So, analyzing all these factors, a question arise about the weight Kershaw’s model. The main reason behind it is that Kershaw uses a handle made of stainless steel, but the build quality of Spyderco’s model is better. That being said Cryo has a better grip and it feels satisfying and comfortable on the palm.

Now coming to the 8Cr13MoV variety of steel, it’s a kind of mid-range variety made in the country of China, sometimes it is compared to AUS-8 steel, Japanese variety. The former has a slight advantage over AUS-8, due to its softness but it is very convenient to resharpen it. The look of the blade and its shape is fascinating, and it is much like the Zero tolerance range of Kershaw (ZT 0561), which are high end products. The middle portion is standard with the tip being narrow and tough. The blade although being Chinese is more than decent and is good for use, considering all the points.


To sum up the review, it can be said, Cryo is a knife, which serves all purposes and is far ahead of the other knives which are costlier. It has unique features and will surely capable of living up to your expectations.

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