Kershaw Knives 1660 Leek Speedsafe Folder Knife

Kershaw Leek is undeniably a leading provider of quality knives made for every sort of usage. These knives are marked by superior manufacturing craftsmanship as well as attractive appearance. Moreover they are also best known for their excellent cutting performance. The company offers this USA made product at a very affordable price range.

One will really appreciate the compact look of the knife when it is kept closed. Its handles are quite good looking and small in size in keeping with the recent trend in the market. However if an old fashioned or aged person uses this knife he would consider it rather small and even feel a bit discomfort due to its smallness. However it is this smallness that makes it highly handy and pocket-able. And a modern man would really admire its small sized design.

But the knife should not be used for prying as it is not made to do so. Therefore one should not try it since this could be of more harm than help. So as long as you understand what it is designed for you will be out of harm’s way. The edge retention of the weapon is quite good as well as effective enough to last at least a week with moderate usage. And in case of light office works it can endure up to a month’s usage if not more.

The 3 inch blade sports a Wharncliffe design and is highly useful for regular EDC tasks. It measures 0.09 inches in thickness that makes it one of the leanest cutting weapon available. So don’t get scared away by its leanness. One may be worried about the tip to snap off accidentally however that is not going to happen easily. One just needs to be a little careful while using the slicer. The Wharncliffe design also goes very well with demure style of the knife.

Know more About it

Kershaw uses Sandvik 14C28N steel which is extremely clean with no apparent carbides as in D2 steel. It is also Kershaw Knives 1660 Leek Speedsafe Folder Knifebetter than 8cr13MoV in many ways however not superior to CPM S3oV. Therefore some may consider a little compromise on the quality of the steel used. But it is in no way less than acceptable in terms of quality to be employed in a day to day use knife.

And one must also consider the price tag while remarking on the material. In fact expecting something more than this would perhaps be unrealistic. And hoping to get a handle made of titanium instead of stainless steel would be nothing but foolish.

The knife comes with a reliable frame lock made of solid stainless steel. It is not prone to disengage even with hard use. Encountered with high tensile pressure it is least likely to fail even if the blade does (the blade being a lean slicer). Even if the lock fails in the rarest event the flipper deployment is sure to protect your finger from the mishap. The user must not also worry about the stability of the lock which does not loosen even with rough usage.

Mechanism Used

The deployment mechanism used in the knife is really super-fast. It is achieved mainly due to the the “Outburst” effect employed by Kershaw in this knife. It opens up quickly and effectively with a smart authoritative snap. Moreover it requires very little pressure to deploy. Kershaw also employed an additional lock in order to keep the weapon closed. It is in form of a sliding bar which stays over the blade while the knife is kept closed. The tension is also adjustable and works quite effectively. So there is not at all any complaint in the deployment segment as well.

One can also put the additional lock in released mode if he is to use it very frequently and place it quickly back to the pocket. However this is just a suggestion and it is not necessary to follow if it is not convenient for someone. But it is really great for those who like to use it. Anyways the second lock is no doubt a good supplement to the knife. And there is no harm in having more, isn’t it?

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