Master USA MU-A001BC Spring Assisted Knife, 4.5-Inch Closed

Master USA has come up with MU-A001BC Spring Assisted Knife. This is a completely new model of open folding rescue knife. 4.5 inches is the size of this folded knife. But the 3.25inch is the measurement of the metallic blade which is steel drop point blade.

As Master USA’s knife is made of best quality stainless steel, so the blade is rust free. Therefore users can use it randomly without any hesitation. You do not have to think about the life of the knife, Master USA assures users that the way MU-A001BC Spring Assisted Knife is manufactured; it can be used for a long time. It is durable good. And it is guaranteed by the Master USA. Black stainless steel is used for manufacturing blade of the knife which is best part of this knife.

This folded pocket knife can be used in multipurpose way. You can slice foods, cut vegetables with it. As it is a pocket knife, so the size of the knife is bit small, but you utilize it in different way. Even it is very effective tool that can help you in rescue operation. With this knife one can easily cut the seat belt of the car, as seat belt cutter is included with this knife.

Even glass breaker is also attached with it. All these features make Master USA MU-A001BC Spring Assisted Knife more useful and functional. Actually seat belt cutter and glass breaker is attached with the handle of the knife. Its brown ABS camouflaged handle has contained these additional features which may help you here and there. At the end of the knife’s handle, user finds a lanyard hole which helps to carry this knife safely. There is a para cord which is fixed with handle and a pocket clip that is also attached. So anyone can carry this knife easily.

As the knife is sharp and pointed, users have to use it carefully; with this knife you can accomplish almost everything. Its wide handle is very useful to grip the knife. Though it is bit slippery, but you can hold it tightly. The texture of the knife is quite good and it is only 1/6 inch above the grip level which is normal and it does not create any problems while users hold the knife. Its nice decent liner lock has been attached with this knife.

The basic feature of this knife:MASTER USA MU-A001BC Spring Assisted Knife, 4.5-Inch Closed

  • Brand of this knife is MASTER USA
  • MU-A001BC is model number of it.
  • Color: Black is the color of the knife.
  • The closed length of this knife is 4.5inches
  • Blade size of the knife is 3.25 inches
  • Brown Camo on ABS handle is attached with MU-A001BC
  • At the end of the handle there is a provision of lanyard so that the users carry easily.
  • Pocket clip, seat belt cutter, and glass breaker is also incorporated with this knife.

So if anyone looking for a pocket knife which can be utilized in different purpose and at the same time very handy, safely portable, he or she can try it. As the blade of the knife is made of stainless steel, so it is protected from rust. Just buy and use it. Once you buy, you can understand the advantage of this knife. Low cost of this product makes it more popular. It is affordable product. Apart from its affordability, knife is also used in rescue service. Seat belt cutter, glass breaker is the extra facilities that have been providing with this knife.

Go and try this product.

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