Spyderco Tenacious Review


Spyderco-TenaciousKnives have become an integral part of everyday life, it is important to use a good product when it comes to knives; Spyderco tenacious is a company that manufactures these knives with high end features. It is marked for its excellent quality and standards have also been exceeded the expectations around. It is reliable, rugged and is swift with the technology used. The Spyderco tenacious knives are designed and manufactured to have acute sharpness. It is sleek, has great precision and has thin edges; it is versatile in design and can be used for any type of cutting or piercing purposes.

It has a scant texture in the outer surface that helps in placing the fingers on the placements given which guards from slippage, this texture is designed specifically to give the best gripping experience. The knife can be handled easily by just wrapping it around with four fingers. The main focus of usage which is to cut is well designed; this knife is capable of slicing very fine and sleek pieces.

Spyderco Tenacious Pros:

Handle: The knife has a smooth grip which is impressive; it is a delight for the customers. It is laminated with good coating that comforts the usage. It gives a firm grip to the user. This makes the grasping facility easy.

Foldable: The slim design and the foldable nature help much in portability, it can be handled at ease when folded. This facilitates to carry the knife wherever one wants. Most of the foldable knives are kind of thick and bulky unlike this one; it is narrow and pocket friendly. The folded knife doesn’t fall out as it has locks within which seals the knife well when folded, only when the user manually tips open it would come out.

Size:  The knife is 197mm when unfolded and 112mm when sealed within the handle, which makes it very portable and easy to carry. The blade alone measures 86mm and has spouted tip. It is one of the most comfortable mid-sized accessories; it is one of the most practically used items. No issues or hassles while handing it. It weights the right way and doesn’t have handling issues.

Style:  The present generation looks for styling and uniqueness in every item used, Best Pocket Knife is not an exception and so is Spyderco which knows the pulse of the company. The knife is crafted to look masculine. It is designed with brilliant ideas and gives a great attitude. It looks simple, stylish and also doesn’t compromise on emphasizing the functionality of the knife. The exterior design draws in charismatic attraction and it doesn’t stray from its purpose at any cause. It is detailed with minute technology changes in the manufacturing strategies. It gives a rusty look which is ideal for the current generation.

Spyderco Tenacious cons:

It is quiet tough when few types are heavier than the usual ones, the lock sometimes doesn’t work well and the material used for the handle part is lamination which sometimes doesn’t go well along with the expectation around, as days go it loses the grip and the ease of opening frizzes away, it becomes quiet lose when try to open. The blade material is made of steel, sometimes it is sleek enough that refrains from handling more pressure. It is very sharp and need intense care when handled, it is important not to let kids handle this knife. The pocket clip is one of the most uncomfortable parts of this knife.

Why Spyderco tenacious?

The most well sized knife that is practical for wide usage, it fits in the budget and it helps well with the full flat grind and the large plain edge. The shape of the blade resembles a leaf and it is totally made out of stainless steel. It is inexpensive when it is compared to the other competitive knives in the market. It also withstands heat, it is harder and when Sharpened frequently would give great life to the knife. It would come for years together and doesn’t wear-out to an extent.

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A very friendly knife that supports great grip and the stainless steel knife. Mid – sized and is user friendly than other knives. Much useful and durable, this makes Spyderco tenacious one of the vibrant product and stands out of the crowd. A definite pick for a lifetime use! The knife is easy to handle and also to clean.

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