Us Army Rescue Folding Knife with Led Light Attached

This US Army knife provides four useful tools. The 1045 Stainless Steel 3.75″ half serrated clip point blade has contoured finger groove for applying more pressure when cutting thicker materials. The 4.75″ ACU camo handle is cast metal with steel bolsters and includes an integrated seatbelt cutter and windshield punch. A surprisingly strong mini LED flashlight is attached and the back features a metal pocket, belt or boot clip. A 100% acrylic, adjustable US Army Veteran cap is included with the purchase.

The US ARMY RESCUE FOLDING KNIFE w/ LED LIGHT ATTACHED – ACU CAMO HANDLE is one of the best survival knifes that can be purchased. It is very important to know how to use a survival knife. Firstly, it is important to know how a survival knife can be used.

Uses of Survival Knifes

Survival knives are very important to any adventurist. It is the basic instrument of self-defense and one of the most used items in the world of survival. Some of the main uses of survival knives are:US Army Rescue Folding Knife w/ LED Light Attached - ACU Camo Handle

  • One of the most basic uses of survival knives are in hunting. A survival knife can be used to set up a snare in a trap or used to skin dead animals. During sudden attacks from animals, survival knifes are the basic mode of self-defense.
  • Another important use of survival knives are in wood cutting. Wood is something that is very useful in the wild, be it to hunt, or to light a fire, or to make a temporary tree house. A good quality survival knife is strong enough to slice through relatively thin logs of wood.
  • Ropes and first aid are the most important equipments needed by a survivor. A knife always helps to cut them into appropriate sizes to be used without wastage, be it ropes of bandages.
  • Usually, when stranded in a jungle, crude tools are always necessary. In case there is an attack from big animal, knives won’t do the trick. In that case, a spear or bow & arrow is needed. One can easily carve them out of wood with the use of a knife.
  • Another use of a survival knife is to make path. Usually, jungles are full of creepers and large bushes guarding all sides. Sometimes, a survivor needs to cut through the jungle to go forward. Knives come to perfect use in those situations.

About this Knife

The US ARMY RESCUE FOLDING KNIFE w/ LED LIGHT ATTACHED – ACU CAMO HANDLE is one of the best survival knives available in the market. Some of its main features are:

  • Blade: The blade has a clip point. It is made of stainless steel of the 1045 quality. The blade is black anodized and is partially serrated near the handle.
  • Handle: The handle is a comfortable 4.75 inches. It has an ACU CAMO handle which provides with a tighter and better grip, even when wet.
  • Other features: The knife comes with some extra features that makes it special. The steel clip makes it easier to carry. There is also a mini LED flashlight, which helps in the dark. Moreover, the blade is strong enough to cut through seat belts in case of car emergencies. The body also comes with a punch that can be used to break windshields.

Overall, the blade is retractable and has a flip opening system. This property makes carrying of this knife easier and secure. With the fluid spring action, the blade opens easily. The black anodized stainless steel is pretty tough and doesn’t break easily, neither does it rust. So yes, it comes as a very reliable option if you want to buy any pocket knife for yourself.

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