How to use a Kitchen Knife?

Using a kitchen knife involves the right kind of technique when you are holding the knife as well as when you are cutting your food. Many a times when we are cutting, we do not hold the knife correctly or even when we are cutting we do not do it properly, this can result in us injuring ourselves really badly as well as we do not get the right size or shape that we want. Here are a few tips that can help you when you are using the knife to ensure that it is done the right way.

  • Always use a sharp knife when you are cutting your food. This is because less pressure is applied at the time of use and also the work is done faster.
  •  While cutting, always ensure that your fingers are away from the blade in order to do this always ensure that your fingers are tucked under your knuckle as your knuckles can act like a barrier while you are cutting.
  • professional-chef-knifeNever cut anything on your palm, this is just an open invitation for trouble. There can be times that when you cut it can also result in you hurting yourself.
  • When chopping, slicking or even mincing your foods, keep the knife tip always fastened to the board and cut the food just like how you would use the pump. This up and down movement will help finish your work faster as well as give you a better grip.
  •  If you are using a meat knife, you need to be really careful, these knives are really sharp and if you do not use it properly you know what you can get yourself into.
  • Never try to lick your knife after you have used it. A lot of times when we use the butter knife after we have spread cream cheese, jam or butter or any other such things we generally have a habit of licking off the left over on the knife. You are actually risking yourself because even though some knives may not be that sharp but it can give you a cut on your tongue.
  •  When you are using your cutting board, always ensure that it is secured properly, not all cutting boards have a rubber grip underneath, and the best way to do this is use a damp towel and place the board above it.  Make sure that the towel is leveled properly.
  • When you are cutting if you want to push something aside, use your thumb or fingers, do not use the knife.
  • Slowly practice your cutting technique so that you getter a better grip and hang of how to use a knife. It is only with practice that you will be able to master the right way of cutting and gradually increase your speed.
  • While cutting, pay close attention to the surface of the food. It is always good to use the flat side verses the rounded side.
  • Sharpen your knife regularly so that when you use it, it is a lot safer than using a dull knife.


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